Argyll Fencers

Argyll Fencers' Co-operative Ltd

The Argyll Fencers' Co-operative provides clients with a complete fencing service. We work to save you money and worry from conception to the final post in the ground, gate hung or tree planted.

We can help you with:

See our Gallery for examples of the work members have carried out.

The Argyll Fencers' Co-operative is an innovative new way of giving clients access to local and highly skilled contractors and workers. The co-operative model brings together a number of top quality fencing teams and associated contractors to provide clients with the benefits of employing a large company without the drawbacks. By employing the Argyll Fencers' Co-operative clients can avoid paying for contract management or an extra layer of sub-contractors. Our clients know there won't be unscheduled delays because we can bring in extra fencers as required. Clients also have the security of knowing they are directly employing the people who do the work and take the greatest pride in making a good job. Contact Argyll Fencers Co-operative to find out what we can do for you.

The Argyll Fencers' Co-operative ensures that all its members are fully insured and have formal qualifications in their skills areas and in first aid. We have a comprehensive and annually reviewed set of company policies including a Health and Safety Policy, a Drugs and Alcohol Policy, a Sustainability Policy and an Environmental Policy. Our risk assessments and safety policies have already met the most rigorous criteria. Our work has been audited on many occasions and we have an unblemished safety record. Most importantly the Argyll Fencers' Co-operative never uses sub-contractors. Our clients know that the people with whom they shook hands are the people who do the work. Contact us to find out more about our innovative way of working.